Monday, May 18, 2015


[Three days late.]

So I just finished my work peak last Friday. Woot woot.

And over the weekend, I totally binge-ate and slept and played computer games. I even took leave today JUST SO I COULD DO IT ALL AGAIN.

Like, a two-day weekend in one day. But not so much.

Anyway, Imma go outside and eat chips. Avengers: Age of Ulton review is two weeks' late!

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Today, the biggest movie of 2015 opens...

And I'm not going to see it on opening weekend. I'll only be watching it with the rest of the United States (and probably some other parts of world that is not China, probably).

Which makes me super jumpy and disgruntled.

Because this is a movie that I really, really, really want to see; have been waiting to see since three years ago (even more so, since last year).

And I don't even have frackin' tickets to a show just yet.

EDIT: While I was at work today, my awesome mom managed to get frackin' tickets to a show on Labour Day!! May 1, baby!! I'M GONNA BE WATCHING THE AVENGERS THIS FRIDAY!!

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

What a week.

Work aside (am bottling that up so it'll eat me from the inside out), this week(end) has been fantastic for movie buffs.

First, I found out that the Batman vs. Superman trailer is out. There's not much to show for it, but since I'm completely unfamiliar with the storyline, I got kinda excited. It didn't occur to me that Batman would be bringing Superman to justice for what he did (in probably Man of Steel).

[So THAT's what Dawn of Justice! Duh!]

Then, we have the new Ant-Man trailer, a superhero I have no clue about except that he (Hank Pym) was the most aggressive of the Marvel Zombies, but the trailer revealed more and it looked cool. I didn't know he'd have superhuman strength when he's tiny!

And last (but not least), the icing on the cake: Star friggin' Wars!!!

But my connection was sooo shitty, that 1080HD quality couldn't load completely, and I had to downgrade to 480, which ALSO took forever to load.

The wait was absolutely worth it. I got goosebumps hearing Mark Hamill's voice (Internet says it's from Return of the Jedi, but why would they reuse audio when they could just get Mark Hamill to friggin' re-say those words for the trailer), then fights and battles and X-Wings, then seeing the Millenium Falcon being chased, and finally, Han SoloHarrison Ford!!!!


I can't wait for Christmas.


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Monday, March 16, 2015

R.I.P. Terry Pratchett (1948 - 2015)

This morning, I saw a little pictorial on the cover of the Sunday lifestyle pull-out, saying "Remembering Terry Pratchett - Star2 tomorrow".

Shocked, I immediately whipped out my cellphone, Googled, and I found out he died three days ago. And there wasn't even a blurb in the papers saying he'd passed on.

[As I'm writing this, I've a sense of deja vu. I didn't see Robert Jordan's death coming, either.]

I haven't been a Pratchett fan for long. My first book was Interesting Times, probably back in 2008/09, and I've never laughed so hard nor did I ever think I'd find a book written by a Westerner that was so spot-on in satirising East Asian culture. Mort, The Last Continent, Thud! (which put Sam Vimes right up there with Rincewind as characters I look for), Going Postal, and many more soon followed.

[Interesting Times wasn't my first introduction to Rincewind and the Discworld, though. It was a little computer game named Discworld, released sometime in the '90s. I didn't get around to playing it until I was in college. And after that I found out that it was actually Samuel Vimes who was the protagonist in the book the game was based on.]

One of the main reasons why I loved Pratchett's books is because of his turn of phrase and narrative style: it's very conversational, and I love that he plays on the sentences he writes for added humour. A sentence of his (can't recall it exactly, but it's from Unseen Academicals) which is my personal favourite is about a very well-loved teddy bear who had a third button sewn onto its head, and is thus more enlightened than the average teddy bear.

Another thing about Pratchett's books is that he can write very poignant scenes (the last paragraphs of Mort come to mind), and he writes characters that you start to care about in only a matter of pages, and then you hope that he doesn't kill them off.

I remember reading Monstrous Regiment, and though no one died, the last few chapters made me cry; reading the part in Thud! where Sam Vimes is possessed by the Summoning Darkness and, in fighting said Darkness, he bellows out Where's My Cow? and miles away, young Sam hears him and is placated; and when Ronald Saveloy died in Interesting Times and got into Viking Heaven, I teared up.

[Every time.]

Finding out (some years ago) that Pratchett had Alzheimer's shocked me; the irony of it being that he's still writing, his books are still as witty as ever, and here he had this illness that preys on the mind; an illness of which most people think you'd only get if you don't keep your brain active.

As I was catching up on Pratchett's death via phone, I clicked one with the title, "Terry Pratchett posts final conversations with Death on Twitter" (no link because there are many with the same title and I can't remember which one it was I'd clicked).

And as I read through it and his tweets, I cried. At the car workshop, because I was getting my tyres checked. I totally almost-bawled, and had to hide my eyes with my sunglasses.

In ending this post and with a very heavy heart, I embed the below bittersweet and meta tweets, right from Pratchett's Twitter account (the first one is from Death, who TALKS LIKE THIS).

Rest in peace, Sir Terry Pratchett. Au revoir.

P.S. There's a online petition to Death asking him to bring Terry Pratchett back. I've signed it.

P.P.S. I've found this, which made me emotional again. If you've got a server or something, do go to here.

To quote perscitia from Reddit: I thought I had run out of tears but I guess I was wrong.

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Friday, March 6, 2015

New Avengers 2 trailer!

And new scenes!!

And tickets have been available since Chinese New Year!!! The earliest I've seen advance ticketing happen was for Transformers 4: three weeks prior.

Two whole months (and then some!) is a new record! To me, at least.

Time to queue up for the Labour Day crowd.

My next post will be about dresses and colors. Wasn't late to the party, just late to tell everyone else about it.

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Blog post is delayed...

[...but my reaction was immediate, as laid out below.]


I told my friend the above and she said, "hahaha okay", and I replied, "APA OKAY IT NOT OKAY LAAAA YOU SEE I DON'T WATCH OSCARS LIVE NIA THEN MICHAEL KEATON NO WIN LIAO."

Capslock aside, I thought the Academy was all about rewarding people who've paid their dues. Keaton's certainly been in the industry long enough, and coupled with the fact that Keaton was nominated for a role reminiscent of his own career in a movie that is so freaking meta, I figured he'd practically be a shoo-in already.

[I even heard Jeff Bridges say, "You're gonna win this, maaaaaaannnnnnn". Sigh.]

Now Tim Burton, please go do Beetlejuice 2 so that Keaton can have another shot at the Oscar ktnxbai.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year!

May the Year of the Goat bring much joy, happiness, health, wealth and prosperity!


It’s been a pretty good day. This morning I went to church in an ensemble that's the same color combination as Mark Ruffalo in The Avengers (purple top, brown bottom); I got a very yummy crème brulè ice-blended from Coffee Bean (my previous and first one was rather salty); I only missed one episode of the Legend of Korra: Book 3 marathon (never has my timing been that good), and I got to finally see The Lego Movie and snack on Red Rock Deli Chips at the same time!!


Now, onto Korra: new air-benders, lava-bending (Bo Lin discovering that he could lava-bend!), that water-bending lady with no physical arms so she uses water as her arms (how friggin’ cool is that?!), and the air-bending bad guy who eventually flies!!


To me, that is like finding out blood-bending is an extension of water-bending. Or even finding out that there is an entire army of metal-benders and they're (mostly) all cops.

Despite the super-formidable bad air-bender, the final fight only lasted the length of a regular episode (unlike, if I recall correctly, the fight between Aang and Fire Lord Ozai), and the poison used on Korra was metal-based and there were metal-benders around. Convenient, much?

It was still a thrilling season, though. Seeing that air-bender baddie take the air out of someone's lungs is chilling in its own right.

Nickelodeon's always re-running Book 1 (which I've already seen), so I'm glad they aired another season today.

[Meant to post this up earlier but internet had died on me.]

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