Sunday, April 6, 2014


Just one or two days after I published my post on MH370, the government had announced the plane ended its journey in the middle of the Indian Ocean, nowhere near any islands or other even-smaller form of land mass.

I find it a bit premature for Malaysia to release a statement like this, given that absolutely no debris (related debris, at any rate) has been found so far and all analysis and the resulting conclusion are merely conjecture. I don't get why that statement projected an air of finality about it when absolutely nothing concrete was found yet.

With so many red herrings thrown up so far, understandably an announcement like this made the already-pissed Chinese even more pissed.

But what I don't get is all the conspiracy theory-ing: that Malaysia has somehow whisked these people away (for reasons unknown).

I get China's anger and frustration. What I can't understand even more is that people actually believe that we are capable of such a thing. And by "capable", I mean they're giving us way too much credit.

I even scoffed when I first heard that they were even looking into the Straits of Malacca. Like, hello, the plane was going to Beijing, it was heading away from the Straits...

But my heart sank when they announced that the plane turned west right before it was supposed to fly into Vietnam airspace.

Mind you, when news of the initial Straits search was announced, we all still thought the plane was somewhere en-route to Beijing. It was supposed to not be complicated.

The fact that many nationalities were on board that plane meant that our littlest-but-for-Singapore-and/or-Brunei country was thrust into the global spotlight. For those of us familiar with our state of affairs, I believe we got stage-fright and a case of the jitters at the time we're not supposed to. Our obviously-obvious lack of experience in this area led to missteps even when things were still relatively straightforward (bomoh aside).

But what everyone else seems to be forgetting is that we also have our own people on-board, and it was a plane bound from Malaysia, and it was our national carrier. We stand to lose a lot more than 'people', and at this point, I'm not sure it's an understatement when I say we have lost quite a bit...

Malaysia has said it would not give up until the plane is found. But we lack the technology to continue, and we are relying on the kindnesses of others, and they have no obligation to not call it a day after we do.

The last update we have on this is that China found a ping in the ocean, and I sincerely hope this ping doesn't go the way of all the debris we've found so far.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014


I hope the plane and its passengers are found soon. I pray that they are unharmed and well.

And if there are/were malicious hands at work, I hope that they get theirs and I pray such a thing won't happen ever again.

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Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!

Year of the Horse, here we are! May the year bring you lots of joy, happiness and prosperity!

[Simple post because I'm slightly brain-dead right now. Off to eat mandarins!]

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy 30th (plus one week, give or take) anniversary, Apple!!

[This post is one week-plus late.]

I stumbled onto the Apple website last Saturday, and it took me down memory lane.

This was technically my first ever computer, because even though my dad bought it, I used it 95% of the time. He bought it in 1993 (I can’t recall the year myself, but the wall postings – don’t ask – say 12-3-93).

What I do remember is my dad borrowing his brother’s VCDs (in its advent) and one such VCD was Army of Darkness. How I re-discovered this movie in my teens is a story for another time.

Lil’ ol’ Malaysia. People used to get this blank look on their faces when I told them I used a Mac. When they asked me what it was, I told them, “Not PC.”

I always thought it was us tiny Mac users against the PC world. After a few years, ‘PC’ became ‘Windows’ and after that came ‘DOS’, which had the coolest-looking (in context) games that I couldn’t play on account of my having a Mac. ‘PC’ now stands for ‘personal computer’, generally referring to computers (or even laptops, I think) that aren’t business-owned or something, I’unno. I never bothered with the term.

My dad bought, and I read, a ton of MacFormat (and it’s still around!! Whooo!!) more for its games and 'edutainment' content than anything else, and playing a ton of game demos. I remember wanting Living Books (any Living Books, really), but only had to settle for demos where you can only play the first page. My childhood was mostly made up of demos.

Aside from MacFormat, I also read other mixed platform magazines, which had mostly PC/DOS games and nary a cross-platform one.

How time flies. And I’m really glad I was there for 21 of those years.

Happy 30th, Apple. Here’s to another 30 years of innovation, creativity, and awesomeness.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Just saw "His Last Vow"...

...and I take back my comment about shark-jumpers.

This episode has all that I've been missing so far in Season 3. It has so many twists and turns, and, like in earlier seasons, the focus on the episode is on crime-solving, and everything that happens throughout the episode leads back to that crime-solving and the villain at hand.

[I'd rather interactions and relationships and all those other human things take a backseat rather than the front row.]

And what a villain! The "Napoleon of Blackmail" wasn't introduced in previous episodes (only very minorly hinted-at) but Lars Mikkelsen (the actor who plays him) was cold and calculative and what you'd expect to get from a villain in the final episode of a season people have been waiting two years for.

Simply brilliant, overall. Luckily there's only three episodes per season for this kind of build-up / pay-off, because if I had to wade through any more episodes like the previous two, I may have given up streamingon the show entirely.

Main story aside, there's a titbit at the end of the episode that hints at what Season 4 could be like, and if it really isn't misdirection... well, I just really hope it's not misdirection. Fingers crossed!

'Till Season 4, here's Sherlock Humour for ya. I'm currently on page 39 and it took me a few nights to get there.

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Saw The Sign of Three...

...and found it rather 'meh'.

I've been getting this niggling feeling that Sherlock has jumped the shark a little, with the absolutely funny but case-wise slightly pointless Episode 1, and with Episode 2, aside from the much more exciting third act, it was really quite boring.

I don't get why this needed three writers on it; it's like a massive filler episode. Ep. 1 (though it seemed to cater more to the Internet than anything) had only one writing credit to its name, and it was far more enjoyable than this one. Go figure.

Episode 3 will be aired today. Since Tuesday is a public holiday, I'm still totes gonna check it out; hopefully we get to see the major villain that's been hinted in Ep. 1.

[I still think it's a shame to bump Moriarty off so early; the guy who played him is really brilliant at being psycho.]

[Or is it "evil high-functioning sociopath"?]

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Ehmagerd, Sherlock's on AXN!

And about bloody time!! AXN has been showing previews yesterday like nobody's business.

For the past three years, I've had to read about how glorious Sherlock is, given that BBC Entertainment is extra and I don't stream or download shows because of my slow Internet connection.

And right now I'm only streaming the series because it (up till now) only had six episodes in total, though an hour and a half each, and I never expected that we could get this show at all (like Will and Grace). Plus, Benedict Cumberbatch showed an excessive amount of bad-assery in Star Trek into Darkness so there's my catalyst there.

So finally(!), Sherlock is going to be made available to the rest of us who have minimal satellite TV, and my mom can finally see how frickin' awesome this TV show.

Can't wait for Thursday!! Series 1 Episode 1, wooo!

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