Saturday, February 28, 2015

Blog post is delayed...

[...but my reaction was immediate, as laid out below.]


I told my friend the above and she said, "hahaha okay", and I replied, "APA OKAY IT NOT OKAY LAAAA YOU SEE I DON'T WATCH OSCARS LIVE NIA THEN MICHAEL KEATON NO WIN LIAO."

Capslock aside, I thought the Academy was all about rewarding people who've paid their dues. Keaton's certainly been in the industry long enough, and coupled with the fact that Keaton was nominated for a role reminiscent of his own career in a movie that is so freaking meta, I figured he'd practically be a shoo-in already.

[I even heard Jeff Bridges say, "You're gonna win this, maaaaaaannnnnnn". Sigh.]

Now Tim Burton, please go do Beetlejuice 2 so that Keaton can have another shot at the Oscar ktnxbai.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year!

May the Year of the Goat bring much joy, happiness, health, wealth and prosperity!


It’s been a pretty good day. This morning I went to church in an ensemble that's the same color combination as Mark Ruffalo in The Avengers (purple top, brown bottom); I got a very yummy crème brulè ice-blended from Coffee Bean (my previous and first one was rather salty); I only missed one episode of the Legend of Korra: Book 3 marathon (never has my timing been that good), and I got to finally see The Lego Movie and snack on Red Rock Deli Chips at the same time!!


Now, onto Korra: new air-benders, lava-bending (Bo Lin discovering that he could lava-bend!), that water-bending lady with no physical arms so she uses water as her arms (how friggin’ cool is that?!), and the air-bending bad guy who eventually flies!!


To me, that is like finding out blood-bending is an extension of water-bending. Or even finding out that there is an entire army of metal-benders and they're (mostly) all cops.

Despite the super-formidable bad air-bender, the final fight only lasted the length of a regular episode (unlike, if I recall correctly, the fight between Aang and Fire Lord Ozai), and the poison used on Korra was metal-based and there were metal-benders around. Convenient, much?

It was still a thrilling season, though. Seeing that air-bender baddie take the air out of someone's lungs is chilling in its own right.

Nickelodeon's always re-running Book 1 (which I've already seen), so I'm glad they aired another season today.

[Meant to post this up earlier but internet had died on me.]

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015




Long capitalised sentences aside, I'm really quite stoked. Usually, the first movie would set the tone for the rest of the series, but given that the promos and everywhere are saying that things'll be darker and Civil War (and Spider-man!!) and all that, I'm a bit doubtful that I'd enjoy the movie as much as I did the first.

But hey, 2015 seemed a long way ahead back when we finished the first movie. At least this is the year it finally will open, amirite?

In semi-related news, the Crimson Peak trailer is here and I can't garner much story from it, which is good. Nothing like a complete lack of plot detail on the Internet and a good ol' haunting house vaguely reminiscent of The Shining to pique my interest, Hiddles notwithstanding.

[See what I did there? Pique // Peak. Eh.]

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

What lack of TV can get you.

I initially wrote this post early this week, thinking that because my idiot box is in the shop, I would have one less distraction and actually get quite a bit done. In my optimism (rare!), I had listed down the things that I'd be able to complete in this one week.

I actually started the post off with, "It can get a shitload of things done!".

Not so.

Chinese New Year is coming, so I've got to prep for that, and this past week I've been stuck in the office more than usual, trying to finish the unfinishable and hope that a curveball doesn't fly my way at the last minute.

[Although it most assuredly will!]

I think the only thing in my list that I managed to achieve is phone-surfing, which, in a(nother rare!) moment of foresight, I got the one-week pass before I found out the TV was being difficult and that we would send it to the shop that very weekend.

Other things that I thought I'd get done (but didn't) are:
- movie reviews. My very at-least-two-years overdue movie reviews.
- moving furniture back to where they were - we re-tiled the kitchen and part of the living room because the weather was so hot the tiles exploded (I think this is the word for it). The re-tiling happened last May.
- cleaning the house
- travelogues. My at-least-eight-years (2007!) overdue travelogues.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

8-bit Cinema.

I stumbled onto The Guardians of the Galaxy in all its pixellated glory.

Considering how already high the nostalgic factor this movie already has, hearing retro music like this ups it up even further.

Check out more of CineFix and their full 8-Bit Cinema playlist here!

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Birdman (2014)

[My first movie of 2015! And on time, too. It opened here last weekend.]

My interest in the movie stemmed from its premise (a former-superhero actor trying to distance himself from what made him famous and revive his career with a show on Broadway) and its lead actor (Michael Keaton).

A case of art imitating life, perhaps?

Granted, Keaton hasn’t been on Broadway nor has his career in later years been a comedy of errors, but after the Batman movies, I heard some typecasting was to be had, and like the elusive Billy Crystal, he hasn’t been in much in past years.

[Which is why I enjoyed seeing him in The Other Guys. “We're losing him!... HE’S DYING!!”]

Riggan Thomson (Keaton’s character), once famous for Birdman (a superhero in a series of films), has now faded into obscurity and constantly hears his alter-ego (Birdman) talk to him about returning to his action movie roots. He adapts and stars in a Broadway play to gain relevance, but in getting said play to make it through previews and opening night without a hitch, he has mend his relationship with his former addict of a daughter (Emma Stone), and deal with method supporting actor Mike Shiner (played brilliantly by Edward Norton).

Birdman is more dark comedy, with the humour being more comic than your standard kind of funny, and made for some great laughs in the film. It also tries to incorporate some fantastical elements (telekinesis, especially), and though it looks great, it’s almost an excuse to have a special effects department (reminding me of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, a movie that could’ve been just as effective without showing us how overactive Walter’s imagination really is). The much-hyped long takes were woven seamlessly as one, and though very, very cool from a technical point of view, I found it distracted me because I kept trying to spot where one take ended and the next began.

With Keaton’s casting, you can’t help but see the parallels between his and Riggan’s career (downward spiral excepted). The movie even quotes that the last time Riggan played Birdman was in 1992, which was the last time Keaton donned the Batsuit! The long takes worked in his favour, I feel, because even though he’s not physically on-camera (in certain scenes his reflection is onscreen), your attention is still on him because you just can’t take your eyes off his almost-trainwreck of a character.

There is almost a tragic quality to Keaton’s performance, and I’m glad that (his) life doesn’t mirror art at all. A lot of people are saying that this is Keaton’s role of a lifetime, and given the meta-ness of it all, I agree with them. Keaton got a Best Actor Oscar nomination for his portrayal, and I hope he wins, come Oscar night.

[Maybe next time, BC.]

Norton almost steals the show as Mike Shiner, a renowned but asshole-ish theatre actor that you get a kick out of watching and eventually sympathise with because Norton manages to make him both likeable and vulnerable. Quite a number of the film’s comic moments come from Norton, and he’s spot on as Mike, which makes me wonder whether Norton was chosen given his own reputation for being difficult when it comes to artistic integrity.

[On that note, my crush on Ed Norton has been renewed.]

There is a sense of impending tragedy in the last part of the film. The first two instances were interspersed with random humour that succeeded in creating some levity, but turned out to be false alarms and left me still on the edge of my seat because I’m rooting for Riggan to pull himself together and make it through the film. The movie ends with the last instance, which is on a positive note, although it’s highly Inception-vague.

This is a movie that requires your full attention, and I blame the single-camera system. Having at least two people on the same screen at the same time all the time means that you may not be able to appreciate fully the performances of the actors on screen because you’d only be looking at one (usually the one talking) and not the other.

Do watch (a few times).

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

OMG, BC got an Oscar nom!

Translation for first part is: Oh my glob, Benedict Cumberbatch got an Oscar nomination!

Congratulations, Ben!

And congratulations, Michael Keaton! I'm rooting for the both of you!!

[But I'm rooting for BatmanMichael Keaton more.]

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